Feb 24, 2017

Feb 17, 2017

Feb 13, 2017


Stars are having a moment right now and I don't mean Beyonce. Although I am rather excited for her and her baby twins bump.  And wasn't her Grammy performance beautiful? 

I am talking celestial and lining up a few sweet starry items in my virtual shop. You know, that pretty little store that lives in my imagination (or for now right here in cyberspace).

After a sparkly weekend of a Snow Moon, lunar eclipse, comet and the Grammys, this only seems fitting. 

Shop for the stars left to right:

sweats   /  sneaks   /  tank
slouchy tee  /  ring  /  button up shirt

And when you are finished counting your lucky stars,
check out more of the India Hicks collection here

Feb 10, 2017

Feb 7, 2017


I've been really motivated lately to tie together a few loose ends at home in the decor department.  My little den enclosure has turned in to a grey velvet-curtained heaven with a touch of gold in the form of a glass topped dainty desk. Our bedroom is coming along (we are the shoemaker's children) with a few new grey and gold details.

Inspiration comes in many forms and it also comes from within. Trust your gut to lead you and you can't go wrong. Do it in stages, collect, dream, rearrange. If you follow your instincts and add some fresh flowers you can't go wrong. 

A few things that have inspired me to tie the grey gold theme together:

If you are so inspired, check out our collection of grey and gold at Canvas Interiors. It is better than ever with the addition of Visual Comfort lighting to our line up. I am completely obsessed with the Aerin Lauder ball chandelier on the left. The three upholstered pieces are from our Canvas Interiors private label  line, designed and made just for us. Great quality and very well priced if we do say so ourselves.  

Please contact hello@canvasinteriors.com  for lighting info and pricing

I'm off to buy some flowers.

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